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Huntington Library is a special place to visit. The gardens are diverse, unique, and stunningly beautiful. We have visited on two occasions, enjoying the gardens and museum on both visits. If you find yourself in San Marino, California, I encourage you to spend the afternoon in among this gem of a property.

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Wandering around in nature continues to inspire me. I don't always know where I'll end up, but that's half the fun. I love to listen to the birds that call a forest home while I soak in all the "green" energy from the trees and greenery.

The words, I live by: 

If you don't like the view, change your perspective.

Geckos and lizards of all sizes tend to find me whether I am hiking through the desert, on a mountain ledge, or as shown in the photo above, simply sitting on a bush outside my hotel room in Hawaii. They are curious creatures who apparently don't mind being photographed as this one sat very still watching us as we snapped away. 

Glacier National Park

La Citadelle de Quebec. Quebec City, Canada

Crater Lake National Park in Oregon had been on my "to visit" list since my grade 6 teacher told us all about the geography of the region and how the lake came to be.

My eyes were wide and my heart soared as we stepped closer to the view point. It's beauty is mesmerizing and magical. Plus it even has a little cone of land called, Wizard Island. What more could you ask for?

Kona, Hawaii (the big island) is a photographer's dream. There is everything from rain forests, to black sand beaches, to turtles just taking a nap. It is one of those places where I can take a deep breath and let out any tension that I've carried with me. Cheers to sunsets and Hawaiian beaches!

Central Park in New York City is one of my favorite places in a diverse and magical city. The trees are spectacular, especially in spring. There was such foresight in planning a park such as this and I am grateful for the time we have had in this beautiful city.

Rippling Effects Publishing

Flower taught us to be in each and every moment, even the ones that are emotionally challenging. We will miss her dearly and we look forward to seeing her again across the rainbow bridge.

A foggy beach view in Santa Monica, California. There is something intriguing about fog, put a beach in the middle of it and it becomes all kinds of magical. I love when you can hear, smell, and taste the ocean but you can't quite see it with your eyes.

Central Park, New York City in full bloom of spring. The colors abound and delight in every direction as the clear blue cloudless sky contrasts in its vibrancy.